How To Choose The Correct E-Liquid Type On Your E-Cigarette

If you are a new comer to vaping, deciding on the best e-liquid type to your e-cig can be hard. In comparison with smoking cigarettes, e-liquids can be found in numerous flavours as well as PG/VG concentrations to suit all tastes and vaping preferences. Whether you prefer fruity, exotic, dessert, drink or tobacco flavours, you'll always be able to get the correct flavour in your case.

What type of e-liquid works best together with your e-cig? This is all you need to know.

E-liquid ingredients

Every e-liquid bottle contains 95% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). Another 5% is flavourings and e-liquid nicotine (optional). With respect to the ratio of a single to an alternative, these components give different characteristics on your vape.

Propylene Glycol is used in e-liquids to provide a stronger ‘throat hit’, which many associate with the sensation of smoking traditional cigarettes. When just beginning vaper, choosing an e-liquid with higher PG concentration could make the transition from smoking to vaping smoother, as the sensation is comparable to smoking

E-liquids who have an increased VG concentration supply a much smoother vape and a more serious flavour. However, this really is more desirable for the people utilizing a sub-ohm vaping device.

Precisely what sort of e-liquid must i use?

Well, depends upon the kind of e-cigarette you have, along with the type of vaping experience you want.

Different numbers of PG and VG offer different vaping experiences.

Work with a PG ratio or older if you are looking to get a throat hit when vaping. Throat hit is often a kick behind the throat that is given by an increased nicotine strength. This is extremely just like the experience of smoking a cigarette.

Work with a high PG e-liquid if you are looking for stealth vaping. High PG e-liquids produce almost no vapor, this way it will be possible to maintain vaping low key.

Work with a high VG e-liquid if you are searching for smooth and intense flavour. It provides a smoother feeling for the throat and, because adjustable power, it creates more vapour.

Work with a high VG e-liquid if you love big vape clouds. Utilizing a HVG e-liquid allows you to produce big clouds of vapour. Experienced vapers experience vape competitions which consist of producing dense clouds of vapour, and also various vape tricks.

Experts are convinced that it is ideal to get started on your vaping journey which has a Mouth-to-Lung device as well as 50/50 PG/VG e-liquids, as they perfectly mimic the smoking experience. However, vaping always relies on preference and vaping style. If think that you’ve found an ideal build in your case, then stay with it.

However, understand that you'll find tank and e-liquid types which work better together. By choosing the best e-liquid for your e-cigarette, you will not only optimise the capabilities of your hardware, and also raise the flavour intensity and the life of the coils.

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